Getting things done without any GTD (Getting Truly Distracted)

Getting things done is a simple matter. It amounts to having clear priorities and rules. Once these are set, life is easy and cool. Because you don't have to overthink everything. You can channel and focus your energies on what matters and be in the moment. Obviously, the hard part is figuring out the rules. It took me 40 years to get that right. Well maybe less but now things are working fine. And I do not suffer fools gladly anymore. So, stop getting truly distracted with fancy faddish approaches that make only their crea-marketor rich and get onto your mission! NOW! ... and I mean it, okay?

Gameduino – A project worth backing!

Hold it against me: Britney’s new clip – Technology laden

Watch Britney in action. We can rail her as much as we want but she delivers great performance. She can't help with what nature gave her but she really grabs the best out of it. Technology is used heavily in the clip, the audio, the looks, and the moves. She is in touch with the current generation. So, even if this is not my best cup of tea, I really enjoyed it. Britney Spears_Hold It Against Me (Official Video) [HD] envoyé par wonderful-life1989. - Regardez plus de clips, en HD !

The Iron Triangle: ignore it at your own peril

Scope, Quality, Time, the iron triangle is to be mastered or you'll end up in a death march. Every single time. Yes, Every. Single. Time. Watch out and watch it.

The Software Architecture Document: tips and tricks

An SAD (not that you are unhappy) is where you put your software architecture documentation. Watch to get some clues:

Let’s tame the scope monster with @jamasoftware!

I got this "infographic" from the cool guys at Jama software, who make the web-based requirements management software "contour" (which I happen to like much, it is much better than what IBM does with Jazz for example - but what else than bloat can you expect from them? Well, solid mainframes with z/OS and solid virtualization ok ok). And for the record, Jama has integration with Sparx Enterprise Architect with the Jama Contour Connector. So, world class requirements and world class modeling meet each other! Pretty nice looking, so worth putting on a wall, to raise consciousness on the issue. Get the PDF