Europe lagging behind on innovation – #eyif

We are behind the US and Japan. Behind us, China and India are catching up. (I'd say that they are going to rush past but...) We need to get our act together... You bet! The issue is that momentum doesn't happens overnight... And the behemoths are in motion. Inertia works both ways! Filing for a patent in Europe: the nightmare. Universities: modernization needed. Woot, this is voiced! Hurray! Make sure young companies have a chance to get off the ground. Well, the ASE in Wallonia has another idea on that! Hell! Look at what is possible at the moment.

On cultural innovation at #eyif for the DIP

Let's have a look at the YIM program. Young innovator mobility. Frankly, we are again exposed to a lot of processes but no fast quick and easy way to get ideas see the light of day. I think that working backwards from the end in mind and get support along the way is vastly superior to any convoluted process. I am big on process but process doesn't help innovation. Trust supports innovation. Unless this is given priority, we are doomed. Not to say deep in trouble and heading down the drain. That's why BigCo do buy startups. Because process killed the innovative spirit. So simple it's almost laughable. Most of the talk is also about them and not us the innovators. Innovators aren't your standard nice and well mannered bunch. So you need to address them their way. I am innovative and All this really gets on my nerves sometimes. Transforming ideas into actions. Yeah. I would love it!


The Digital Innovation Platform We need to change the mindset towards innovation: make it cool, make it accessible. Enable open social networks about that. But talk is cheap. Let's get real. With real products. Think-Do-change Think=share resources Do=talk about it-pitch ideas So that peers can give feedback and make the idea grow. Change=build Through closed workspaces. On the web. Get in touch with mentors. And with ... Money! Good but today, this is not live yet. (and from what I saw just a community) The community is wired with twitter, fb, and linked in. The next European innovation 2.0 tool. There is a need for a lot of feedback.

The innovation dream in Europe #eyif

The innovation dream in Europe: being able to achieve things that have not been done anywhere else in the world. Potential for quantum computing is going to change computing. I would say spintronics but who am I hey! Over qualified people not finding a job up to their talent. Root of the issue? Europe is currently losing ground against competition. There is an emergency here. Innovation affects all of us. To address this: First innovation is not research. Entrepreneurship is not innovation. Innovation is connected to both but is on it's own. Shared risk. Since putting more money down the tubes isn't going to help. Society that supports individuals wanting to take risks. But how? By improving access to innovation. Today: to fuzzy. By providing facilities By enhancing our participation. By removing barriers. We aren't there yet!!,! Think - Do - Change loop. The eyif process looks like a funnel. From idea to help to reality. So, the digital innovation platform is there to help.

Judith Merkies talk at #eyif

Some soundbites and opinion... Things are never going to be like they were before. No more life long shelter, no more people looking for you. We have accept that we are going to another society. We have accept that there is a duty to play our part as a society and influences on a daily based through social innovation. We are never going to be back to the old ways. You have to innovate in order to participate. Even as a consumer. Prosumer anyone? Eyif could well be a movement supporting this in our European space. SECURITY IS IN YOUR OWN TALENT!!!!! YEEEEEESSSS!!!! +10000000!!!!! SME is not equal to "startup". Geez yeah, I hope so. Knowledge is quite denser at a startup. If only one takeaway: security lies in our own talent. Cool! Merge Einstein and Jobs and keeps that in Europe. Interesting pun on jobs. And I am not really wanting such a cross over. Psychologically speaking, we may end up in dire straits!

Why I am bugging people around with requirements

Albert Einstein summed it up really well: "The formulation of a problem is often more essential than its solution, which may be merely a matter of mathematical or experimental skill." Transpose this to information systems. You can get coders, you can get sysadmins. But what you really, really, badly need is people who can frame problems and scope them properly to avoid being sunk under the scope creep and scope seep. Also, you want people who can raise issues and seek resolution and not "yes men" that will code whatever they are asked to. We don't need gears, we need the ghost in the machine. That's also why I do love that old IBM mantra: "Think!"