Official release of Enterprise Architect 9.3 #sparx

Sparx Systems is pleased to announce the official release of Enterprise Architect 9.3. Release Highlights include:
  • Support for displaying multiple diagrams and other views simultaneously.
  • Easily move information between two open diagrams.
  • Create and share custom menus to improve workflow.
  • Hide page borders on all diagrams with a single click.
  • Analyze and debug systems with enhanced Testpoint capabilities.
  • Develop open, scalable architectures using ArchiMate 2.
  • Capture, visualize and document the run-state and relationships of objects during program execution.
  • Instantly drag Breakpoints and Markers to a different line in the source code editor.
  • Expanded beta profile for modeling ArcGIS schemas. Topology, geometric networks and relationship rules now supported.
  • State Table Simulation highlighting the current state, potential next states and Triggers that may be fired.
Please visit the release page to learn more:

A great blog for iOS developers

iPhone developer tips blog is a darn good blog on iOS development. Check it out. Check it out often. Check the archives.

Use Case 2.0 – Good stuff

The people at have released an ebook on what they call the Use Case 2.0 The Definitive Guide. You can pick a copy. And also look at a presentation that may put some more context around it. They'll ask you to fill in all kinds of fields... It merges:
  • Use Cases
  • Stories
  • Kanban
  • Agile
  • Backlog based work organization
It is a workable system IMHO. There is a use case tracker described in there. Save yourself some time by taking my little Excel version.    

Apple brings an effective value upload pipe to the world

Apple released iBooks2 and a new textbook creation app for the Mac (You'll need Lion for that, and even if these things are free, they'll end up pocketing money from that new tide of upgrades - I know they will from me). Keynote already made a huge difference to helping me communicate to an audience (people seeing the presentations tell me regularly: hey, this is definitely *not* a PowerPoint, it looks waay better, and is more effective!). So, I was using it on my iPad to convey ideas in meetings, where it brings a sense of closeness and bonding that helps in securing business. But with the textbooks that do come to life, we enter a new dimension. Think about all Seth Godin PDFs in the form of animated Textbooks, think about curated content with comments on a given subject put together and released to the world! Mmh, in a sense, it is weird that this is announced aroud the time SOPA gets protested and MegaVideo got busted by the FBI. But I may digress. Anyway, this is a super gift for all of us who have value to share. And sharing this way is really making it all exciting. That's what Apple products have succeeded in doing: getting people involved in getting excited again. It is not happening with Linux, it is not happening with Windows. It is happening with Apple products, and a bit less with Android phones. I've bet a lot of the farm on Apple. Not because I am any kind of fanboi, but because it is the logical thing to do when a cash-laden company uses it to roll out such innovative and stimulating stuff ot the world. That's what Apple is strong with: cash-loaded, innovative, master of their supply chain, and controlling the delivery channel. Walled garden? Sure! But generating money and recognition for the players: very very true indeed! Love, money, recognition: they made it so that you get the three assembled with Apple. That's what leadership is about: instilling the motivation to follow and make your best. So, Apple may lead to people challenging jumping off buildings at Foxconn (and doing something about it, as was reported) but they also deliver us these. I started with an Apple II eons ago, moved off when they were out of fancy, and am back to them 20+ years later. Yet another proof that you can turn things over given the right decisions. Quite different from Kodak. But quite alike to Fujitsu. Some more info:  

Test of Logitech iPad 2 Keyboard by Zagg

I am now test driving the Logitech keyboard for iPad 2 by Zagg. I had read a rave review about it and wanted to test drive it first hand. Well, first thing is that the borders are annoying when typing. But even if they are a hassle, typing on the keyboard is fine and much faster than typing on the iPad's on-screen keyboard. The space to type is cramped. I don't know if I'll be able to type long stuff on that either. But for reporting on trade shows, making a quick letter and so on, it is a good thing to have. It coples as a protection for the device and as such it is great. It is pretty cool to have access to the media control keys while working. I like to listen to music while working and this is a plus indeed. Of course, the keyboard is a national keyboard, so do not expect accelerators like on the virtual keyboard. But you are then able to use all keys and accented characters directly. The positioning of the iPad 2 on the keyboard feels solid. As I type this, I am adapting my position and it goes faster. While typing on my lap, I had to switch the device to landscape mode and the it is easier and making more sense. Compared to a laptop, this runs cool. Some think that using a hot PC on one's lap is bad for fertility. One problem solved then. And while we are on that, the iPad can be placed on either side, no problem at all.My power cable is on the left of my desk and if this wasn't possible, I would have to do a convoluted setup to be able to continue working as the device is about depleted (hey, it's been several days since I made the last charge). Using the keyboard arrows and shift key helps when selecting text and generally moving it around. All usual OSX shortcuts (Cmd-C, Cmd-X, Cmd-V, Cmd-Arrows) do work and help in restructuring the content. Adding pictures right away is a big plus, it makes a lot of sense if one is attending a presentation and wants to make a report of it. When there is a small space available, using a mouse or a trackpad is awkward and here, just reaching for the screen with one's finger is really helpful. I've been writing this on Pages and there has been no issue with all possibilities. Switching to full screen to type would be great but is apparently not possible. Too bad. But that is a general limitation of Pages. While we are on the subject of screen, there is a key on the top left of the keyboard which is equivalent to the home button. So, double type to get the multitask bar, triple type for (in my case) reverse display (comes handy in a dark room). The keyboard has no backlight, so you'd have to learn key locations before being able to type without errors. I am trying this out in a dark place and it is working nicely after two lines of text. I am very pleased with this acquisition and highly recommend it to reduce your backpack burden when on the move.

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Sparx Systems releases Enterprise Architect 9.2

Breathing new Life into your Models

Enterprise Architect 9.2 is a major upgrade which significantly extends simulation, adds new modeling languages, new debugging capabilities and new tools to manage your models. Here are some of the great things built into this new release:
  • Bring your state machines and business processes to life with advanced simulation support for triggers, signals and events. Model messages, button presses, switches and similar events, then watch as your scenarios come to life. Verify your solutions. Explore multiple pathways and outcomes. Build reusable event sets to automate simulations.*
  • Business modelers can simulate their BPMN based models, including support for Parallel and Exclusive Gateways, Loops and basic activities. Animate and validate your business processes.**
  • Software developers can now attach Enterprise Architect to the GNU debugger (GDB) and inspect, debug and visualize a wide range of supported platforms. Local and remote debugging are both supported. Ada, Java, C, C++ and Objective-C supported.***
  • Modelers can now build and share concepts, taxonomies and detailed ontologies using the new MDG Technology for the Ontology Definition Metamodel with support for the Web Ontology Language (OWL) and the Resource Description Framework (RDF).
  • Systems Engineers can take advantage of the enhanced support for SysML 1.2 including Block Elements drawn with parts, references, values, flow part and standard port compartments. SysML FlowSpecification elements with the flowProperties compartment.
  • You can now generate visual diff/comparisons between current diagrams and baselines using the new visual comparison tools built into the model baseline facility. Highlight additions, deletions, moves, and resizes. Selectively roll back changes to a previous baseline state.
Enterprise Architect 9.2 supports UML® Version 2.4.1 - the latest specification from the Object Management Group® (OMG®). Links and Downloads:  
Release Notes:
Free 30 Day Trial:
Registered Users:
YouTube Channel:
* Corporate Edition and above
** Business and Software Engineering Edition and above
*** Professional Edition and above