The free fall of the Euro vs the Dollar

somewhat in free fall

somewhat in free fall

The EURO continues it fall against the US Dollar. Not really a great thing since the USD itself is falling in value due to Ben Bernanke's heavy usage of the printing presses. QE and QE2 increased the amount of money, leading to a disguised devaluation of the dollar. The Eurozone having its own issues now, and the dollar being still viewed as the reserve (albeit fiat) currency of the world, lead to this weird movement for the Euro. Meaning that we are looking at both currencies spiraling down in purchasing power. This may be good for the governement since the debt is diminished but not good for its lenders and the citizens who have saved some. What to do to improve your situation given these facts? My take is that gold, maybe silver, oil, telecom, and food - especially when considering emerging markets - will skyrocket in 2011. Don't be fooled by increases in stocks labeled in USD. They go up because the currency goes down. Of course a weaker EUR is good there but not that much due to the death spiral unfolding. Australian dollar could be a good bet because they are near Asia and that big island is full of real resources (ore, ...) 2010 is closing and we'll be glad it is behind us but 2011 will make 2010 like a walk in the park.

I love what I do – With my Blackberry of course!

Personalization backgrounds available on And Xmas ringtones as well for free under Holidays.

QR Codes – they are fun

Pick one with your QR code reader and pay me a visit. If you do have a BlackBerry and BBM, use BBM and scan it, it will ask you to open the link. Hey, there is a free QR code reader built in!

Prince of Persia movie on BlackBerry – Awesome

One good thing about Blackberries is that the movies play very well on it and often do not require any conversion from AVI. On a SD card, you can stick some of them and enjoy a trip. The screen resolution is decent and the sound really great. Adding to that that you can skip fast through the file and you have a clear winner.

GLD Gold ETF – Waiting for the next upwards movement

Interesting moves on GLD along with expectations with a movement upwards mid next week. Get ready for the bargain buy on monday evening.

Atos Origin trending up!

After announcing the merger with Siemens IT, ATOP.CHI saw an impressive raise in price. Stay tuned!