I am listed as a Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware service provider

Which means that: "The Tiki Software Community Association has established the Tiki Service Provider program to help match Tiki consultants with users who wish to purchase support. These Tiki Service Providers are active members of the Tiki Community and have agreed to the Tiki Service Provider Code of Conduct. By working with these consultants, clients are helping to grow the Tiki Community." I've been inside the internals of the thing, helped create sites, or created them altogether. Tiki is for me the best tool for the job when creating community-support sites that have to do with complex access rights, modules, calendars, ... In fact, Tiki allows someone to focus one the real business needs since almost everything is available out of the box. Only the complex requires more intervention. So, if you need support around here (or everywhere else if you happen to have Skype and/or an IM connection, I am happy to help!

Is IT a relationship business?

In this podcast episode, Dr Mike Drayton from Opus Performance interviews me on "Is IT a relationship business?" We talk about the IT-Business relationship, about Apple, about how to convey ideas and how to get things done in that field. 15 minutes that can bring interesting clues on the subject.  

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Podcast Episode: La minute Turbo de Philippe Back – La Proposition de Valeur Fondamentale

La proposition de valeur fondamentale est différente de ce que l'on appelle couramment l'USP (Unique Selling Proposition). Ecoutez donc cette nouvelle minute Turbo.  

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