#Hackapost, an #IoT hackathon

LoRa Box

Got a new toy: the LoRa Rapid Development Kit from AllThingsTalk. Got it at the #Hackapost Q&A session as I am going to hack some stuff for that Hackathon that is happening next week. That's in the internet of things space. Interestingly it happens at the same time as the Tech Startup Day, which I intented to go to. Just a switch of perspective. Hackathons participants get an entry ticket as an added bonus. Our entry is the Short Local Supply Chain

Let's see how this is going to unfold along with my overloaded schedule. It is still important to attend such events as there is no better way to get acquainted with new waves of change than to hack around motivated people full of new ideas.

Every single hackathon taught me something new, be it a new piece of tech, a way to look at things, to run a team, to get something done. On top of it, the main takeaway is a couple of new acquaintances that have that magic sauce in them. Also, this gives a clear idea of where the state of play stands. Hackathon organizers are no philantropists and I am not giving my time for free. Financially speaking, hackathons are a net loss for me. But that's one of the best trainings one can get in a lot of ways. It helps me staying sharp. This time, I'll be joining forces with Christophe Verbeiren, of TapTap. Christophe is a long time friend, and a successful entrepreneur. He has the right business/tech mix. I think that we share a lot and if this could lead to a business venture, I'd be really happy to work it out with him. Happiness is now a key factor for me to engage in a new piece of work. That's what keeps one motivated in the long run. And that's closely related to the people. I can't stand assholes anymore I guess. Time to play with the box.