Experimenting with sensors on the #LoRa board for #IoT for #Hackapost

Some more fun today with the LoRa board.

There is a set of experiments to do in order to get acquainted with how the whole thing works.

One of the experiments is named "Environmental Sensing".

So, I picked the right sensors, connected them to the board, loaded the sketch from the demos, added my keys to the keys.h file and I was good to go.

But that was a bit too hairy in terms of cables going all around, so, I decided to tidy all that up.

Enter the glue gun. Putting a tad of hot glue behind the components, and using a L metal shape I had laying around for the antenna, I set all the items on a wooden MDF rectangle. It now looks like this:

Sensing Experiment with AllThingsTalk's LoRa board

Sensing Experiment with AllThingsTalk's LoRa board

The readings do work.

Reading environmental data

Reading environmental data

They can't be transmitted still (no coverage here). Tomorrow I am travelling to an area where coverage is great, so this will maybe help me close the loop.

Stay tuned.