PharoVM now running on Debian Wheezy

During #fosdem I wanted to get the PharoVM to run on Debian Wheezy.

The zeroconf stance didn't work, complaining about GLiBC 2.15, which doesn't exist on Wheezy. In fact the whole thing appears to have moved to eglibc.

So, some tweaking was due.

Basically, what you need is to use the experimental repository (which isn't too recommended to get a stable system...).

But first, you need to enable the i386 architecture as Wheezy is "multiarch".

dpkg --add-architecture i386
apt-get update

So, add:

deb experimental main

to your


Short version (Thanks Hernán Morales Durand):

echo "deb experimental main" >> /etc/apt/sources.list

Then do:

apt-get update


apt-get -t experimental install libc6:i386 libc6-dev libc6-dbg

The system will show you a blue prompt asking if it can restart some services (as replacing libc isn't really a basic thing). Say yes, it worked on my fresh install.

After the usual compile mantras for the PharoVM, you'll be able to get there.

Just note that the scripts/ will not work.

Remove the libssl0.9.8 mentioned in there and for libGL, do not look at the way it is done there. Just:

apt-get install libgl1-mesa-dev:i386

and you'll be fine.

Proof is in the pudding:

02-02-14 21-55-17

Looks like that I've got the thing compiling on Windows 8.1, OSX Lion, and Debian Wheezy. Happy me!