Google IO 2013 #io13 – Voice dictation and Chrome Android convergence.

Google IO logo Yesterday I was attending the Google IO event. Pretty interesting. Now I've been using some of the technologies that were presented. I am a pretty heavy user of Google applications and find them quite useful but they're still in need of more integration. I'm pretty sure convergence between Android on Google Chrome is the key for an advanced user experience. There's nothing as a single form factor that will please or be suitable for all needs and use cases.. I'm now sitting in front of a 24 inch monitor, there is also a 10 inch tablet and this 4.5 inch mobile phone (Galaxy s2 plus, why mention Samsung anymore, they are Android phones). Obviously you can do much more with some real screen estate than with any phone but the phone proved to be quite a reactive to capture events whereas the bigger boxes are useful for creating interesting deeper content. Mobes are useful to capture moments and record stuff. For exchanges and for crafting content in communityies these things are really useful. Still, my concern is that you need to learn and try these things. It is not sure that this provides you with a productivity boost because all the time your gain from using the tools if offset by the time you need to learn them. Just because of the nerve wrecking rate of change that is pushed pushed pushed on you. One cannot use all of the these things. I'm trying to type this by using the Chrome Speech API. Something like that is pretty neat but its not integrated so I have to go to a for a dictation application and copy paste in Google Drive, switch the language in Chrome to get it working well. I actually do know what to do to get it to work. But is anyone going through all of these moves to get things working? That’s a pretty wide chasm to cross if you ask me. So, I am now in the process of digesting all those new ideas and products. I wonder how they do monetize all of this as there wasn’t that much about ad placement. It is strange to me as Google is making money that way. What I saw was more competition kill moves. I am curious to know more about their strategy behind the scenes. One thing is clear, competition heats up for Google too. 2013 will for sure be very interesting to watch. Speaking of which, you can follow sessions at the live stream