The future of #SOA at #ibm #icty 2012 with Gerry Keilly

The content in here is my own set of notes and not Gerry's words Back to the four trends. Mobile. Cloud. Big data. Social.
  • SOA is built upon clean design principles.
  • All workloads are not created equally.
  • Historical workloads are pretty much predictable.
Social and mobile are different beasts! Snowstorms! Reactions! Checks! Fast! Often! Kill the API. Need some cache and policy in here... Volume and speed of interactions are impredcitable events. Peak management and buffering are the new skills. Yeah! Sweet. Bare metal and instrumentation are coming back! Expose your enterprise. Expose your flaws. And the crowd is not going to let you breathe for long. As we do have hybrid deploypment, cloud and on premises, new skills are needed too.

Connectivity and integration technologies

Universal connectivity. We are back to not so reliable connections. In fact, back to the same kind of problems of the good old days, only larger and more acute. scale matters.

Websphere MQ 7.5

Integration with MFT. Build an integrated capability for a rich capability layer that will stand the requirements for the upcoming wave! Ture indeed. I am now working with that tech. It rules, period. WMQ telemetry. Millions of connections. Price lowered. WMQ AMS. MQTT brings MQ into the mobile space. TT for telemetry transport. So, moving to open source for MQTT for ensring adoption. Good idea Gerry. Gain reliable delivery over fragile connections. 3G anyone? Leverage information provided by mobile devices. Ease of integration with enterprise applications. Build a smarter planet with messaging optimized for smart sensors and telemetry devices. ... With MQ Telemetry. Monitor a peacemaker over the network! Cool use case. Put a lightweight MQTT client on any device. Smartmeters, gas pumps, fridges... Exciting!

Cloud connectivity deployments spanning on and off premise

  • connecting to cloud
  • connectivity between clouds
  • Location independance. Switch where the connection is goig under the covers.

a word on APIs

Businesses opening up APIs is a game changer if you do it right. And kill your business if you get it wrong. Damn right! Apigee is cool btw, check it out! Connect to a broad application developer community. Extend your core services with an ability to build capability internally. BTW Salesforce has a huge event these days. And a huge huge huge attendance! not having an API today is like not having a website in the 90's I love that line! Your API is an extension of your brand. You can ruin your brand by having this wrong. Your API extends the value of your brand.

Websphere CastIron Live.

Enabling rapid and trusted entry into the web economy. Expose, manage, control, run analytics on your services. Create > Socialize > Manage 90 day trial. Gotta give it a shot! Too bad it doesnt lists Belgium in the country list...

Websphere Message Broker v8

Powerful beast. I testify from real world exposure. This thing pumps out an awesome amount of messages per second with an incredibly small number of CPUs. Extreme scale in WMB: cross broker caching. Agregation. Well, a killer. Period.

Every project and everyprocess needs a proven platform

Yeah sure. But startups go node.js on V8.

A new breed of systems

Systems with integrated expertiseand built for cloud. Okay, that is the integrated capability. Great but the string attached is vendor lock in. No matter how good the vendor. That is where you'll need people understanding all of this in you company. Who is pointing at me here? Just joking. Half joking that is... Well, IBM has the ability to deliver for sure. Are clients going to be up to the reauired maturity level to exploit the tech properly? Will the culture be able to swallow that huge pill? And nit feel obsolete in the process? People are what makes or breaks things indeed! Extend > Transact > Optimize

Things do change. But fundamentals do not.

  1. Right design practices
  2. Well managed, well governed services
Embarking with IBM may be the smarter choice. provided you have the money of course.