Mobile strategy for #ibm at #icty

Mobile strategy

  • Extend and transform for mobile
  • Mananage and secure
  • Build and connect

Top challenges

Fragmentation Speed of dev Connect backend Securely


IBM Worklight! Acquired by IBM.

Why cross platform?

The mobile world is in flux. What about 2015?

Spectrum of choices: dimensions

Richness, portability, TCO Hybrid apps with nativemodules. Hey, Monkey is right! HTML5, JQuery, dojo, Cordova, Sencha Ability to track all of your stores at once: worklight starter and catalog, also ability to disable versions. Asking for upgrades. Ability to have a grip on how apps are used by the users.
  • Protecting data on the device
  • Enforce security updates
  • Robust auth*
  • App security
Open technologies: skills are available.


Websphere cast iron hypervisor edition appliance

Create fast integrations with business back end systems. TTM is important indeed.

The mobile worker movement

Mobile workers get more done. ROWE. The interesting device sharing situation. Amgry birds meets your banking account... Corporate data leakage. Dropbox anyone?

Device management

Policies and enforcmemt. Black and white listing of appa Ibm endpoint manager to the recue.

Ibm mobile foundation v5.0

All of the above products. Plus some services of course!

Horizon : IOT - internet of things

Dogs and cows have an IP. Trash the manuals with NFC and your mobile phone. Neat! Update your coffee machine, get a virus in the process,yay! The story of mobile will turn into the story of everyhing everywhere all the time!

Mobile as a differentiator

Faster time to value


  • Open
  • Governed
  • Integral
Pretty cool prez. Bringing some key points home about the monile channel.