Basic Things to Help Improve Performance

Advanced stuff is overhyped

There is no use for advanced techniques if the basics aren't in place. Still, I do see a lot of people buying book after book about improving things in their lives, only to not apply even a single idea in them. And going to seminars that do not change anything in their future trajectory. It seems to me that they do search for a magic bullet that will solve all their woes. Truth be told, such a thing doesn't exists. Even remotely.

Happiness is a way of life, not a goal

So, focusing on basic things that work is really the key to, dare I to say it, happiness. Adding "things" is not going make one happy. It just adds, and adds, and like addiction, you need more to feel the same satisfaction. That's a death spiral. It exhausts the person, make it a shadow. So, this led me to consider that happiness is not something to be "had," it is a way of behaving. A way of life.

Being in the moment is key

Once you let go of that "goal" and "thing to be had" spirit, only then can you truly enjoy being there and appreciate the moment. Being "in the moment" is really a great gift to oneself. Stay in the past, and you'll stay stuck. Project yourself all the time in the future, and you'll be as stuck. Because not taking care of the present is what leads to trouble. Only being in the present leads to change that is not "by default" as decided by other people. It is so because it allows you to be really connected to who you are.

Top performance requires to be really you

Going back to performance, one needs to be aligned with what really matters on a deep personal basis. If you do perform for external recognition, money, or whatever stick someone waves at you, forget about sustained top performance. You'll cut it once or twice but one day, you'll see the abyss of nonsense under your feet. Why take the chance? Truly be who you are deep inside. That's all that will matter in the end.