A Sunday at Camp Smalltalk before #esug2012 – neat!

A rainy trip to a shiny place

Today, I went to Camp Smalltalk and it was a great experience. The place was the offices of http://www.yesplan.be. Lots of desks, power chords, coffee that didn't suck. And a ton of wonderful people that do know their trade. Thanks to Estaban for putting up with my never ending questions on how to get things working with Pharo on the iPad (now things do work) and to Igor for helping me out with a PNG loading that just fails (this still under the microscope). Got a neat talk with Johan Fabry and Ben gave me a quick session on how Spec works. I'll invest more time in that, I promise. Got a chat with Sean, very interesting as well.

Launching images with Pharo Launcher

I got a tweet from HwaJong Oh and asked him about how Pharo Launcher worked. We got it from the App Store and I got a walkthrough of the features. Nice tool, especially when it searches for all images on your box, including into Pharo One-Clicks.

A quest for food

Getting food proven to be somewhat of a journey. At the end I got a kebab with Guillermo and Estaban near a bridge. This is kind of a welcome change as far as I am concerned. But kebabs are better in Brussels!

A look at presenty

I also had a look at presenty, showcased by Dionisiy. Interesting stuff in there, especially for creating stories to be played on an iPad. Some ideas of usage:
  • Business games
  • Kids storylines
  • Game screen sequences

Debuggging iStackVM on iPad

Well, I got my debugging lesson with Igor. I learned interesting little tricks, including the Cmd-D on iTerm2 to split the screen. Also, I am more motivated than ever to put some keybindings for the bluetooth keyboard since that double-touch gesture from hell is really a usability liability. Good thing to remember for the debugger, using arrays to capture several calls. Like in:
  {stream next. stream next. stream next.}
ExploreIt or printIt and things are nice.

Parting Ways

Time flies! So, the day was over. I discussed with Johan the possibility to do a Pharo on iPad thing in my offices, like in November. I can host about 12 people over here. Interested ones, please drop me a line. Also, I'd like to see how we can harness Pharo with CUDA and NativeBoost and Opal. That could be a killer combo. So, thanks for all and see you on wednesday (no other available slot for me, what a shame).