Lessons from Captain America

I was watching Captain America last evening and tought it would be interesting to make a list of some takeaways in the movie. Here we go: * Appreciating strength requires to have experienced weakness. * You can't grow strong, fast, and skilled unless you have it in you to start with in the form of values. * Being able to stand up, again and again, will get remarked. * Good weapons make a difference. * Red skulled guys are usually not your best friends. * It is awesome how great one can become provided the right context. * One looks like better with a bit of physical training indeed. * Leading a wonder team may look like herding cats. But they may well follow you down to inferno, and back. * A shield can sometimes come in handy. Watch your back. * Don't embark friends you can't afford to lose along the way. * Don't expect to pick up the smart babe if you aren't up to the required standard. * Crazy ideas actually may work. * 300-1 odds are only in movies. Live to fight another day. * Given enough means and brainpower, the future can be now. * Don't forget to kiss your loved one before embarking on your risky journey. Even if this was not the best movie ever, I had a good time watching it. Lots of actors from MIB and The Matrix mixed in with a hefty dose of freaking technology and weaponry. Typical American style of course 🙂