Is your business side of the equation right?

When talking about a business, it is important to leave the underpinning tech on the side (however great and innovative it is/will be) and switch to the business side of the equation.
If you are talking to me about your black magic, I want to have several things clarified and lined up in front of me:

A clear view of what you have in stock

First, I need to have a clear view on what you guys have in stock in terms of capabilties when it comes to your business offering.
What is/are the problems you do solve? Like in a problem statement "The problem of ... affects ... and results in ... The benefits of the solution are ...".
Then, what are the services I can count on you for?
Products are all nice and fine but a product isn't solving anything by itself.
But the market/channel doesn't latches on those things when it comes to improvement and software.
We need professional services, support etc. What are yours?

Tell me about the money

Next in line is: what is the typical budget you are looking for/need to have to perform an engagement?

What are the rules of engagement?

How can a business call upon you for help? Are there various levels? Like, just act as a soundboard, get involved in advising, sort the whole mess, etc...
Is there a process we can embark the clients on? I hate "selling events", I do love "taking clients to a journey through a definite process". Il allows for a lot of upsell, cross-sell, long term relationship etc. And a ton of added value for the client. Experiencing an event is like taking a shower. The next day, you are as dirty as before. We need to have a cleaning process/solution, not a shower event!
Based upon the answers, I can look to arrange meetings with decision makers on my side. So that you can either visit them, have me do a presales thing, or we can do an event to catch some fish.

Times are good

I think we can get some pretty good business, especially in turbulent times like now. That's because when things go sour that you'd better get them right or else! And that the survivors will be telling the rules afterwards. Survivors and winners usually are very positive about asking for help, support, and services for improvement.
They just realize that they can't breath their own exhaust or they'll die from intoxication.
So, how can we bring in some fresh air together?