First day of #pharoconf in Lille

Today was the first day of the Pharo Conference in Lile. The conference took place at the Inria Research Centre Lille Nord. Just for you to know, Pharo 2.0 is the current development version and works pretty well at this point in time. It sports the Nautilus browser by default. A good move if you ask me. I was able to load some 1.4 code, little adaptations were needed due to the ongoing cleanup of the image. These changes may make some people unhappy but at the end of the day, hard choices have to be made to keep progress marching forward. A perfectly understandable position. I am all for it, even if this bugs me to have to change code to match. The quality of presentations was quite variable. Even if the underlying technology is always great, some presentations are quite lame in how the material got presented. Frankly, I was happy to have some WiFi at those moments. But the best part is the socializing with such interesting, dedicated, and smart people. It just felt great. Putting names on faces and real people is always a plus. On the catering side (an always important aspect), things were good. We got fine coffee and food in the morning. And lunch was good as well, especially in fine company. We also discussed the Pharo Consortium and brainstormed ideas on how to best fund it. I wasn't able to attend the evening event and got a bad surprise when getting back to my car: a flat tire. Well, I had a spare wheel, so it was okay. But travelling back to Belgium with a speed limit of 80 km/h is fast getting on ones nerves. So, I will have to get that fixed tomorrow morning, meaning that I'll be coming late for the second day. Too bad! I hope to get there before noon.