Core values

All alignment of people together is a question of values. What is the set of values of the company ? Without that people will not be able to align with them. The company is meant to become one of the trendsetters in the business. As such clear set of values has to be present to allow for alignment. For IT development, the following may fit, this is some kind of « Nike Philosophy » - Just Do It: « We deliver regularly and on time with evidence of added value » « Each team member down here is working smart and hard, is resourceful and efficient » « We do not compromise the quality of our products just for the sake of giving Eye Candy to the customers » « We do not overpromise and respect ourselves when it comes to evaluation and carrying work » « We are proactive and do not wait for things to happen – we make them happen » « We actively and aggressively reduce risk from the start of projects » « We learn by doing and stay focused, cheap talk belongs to the kitchen » « We have a set of proven and properly configured tools » « We understand our technical environment »