A month with Android and Samsung Galaxy Mini

It has been about a month that I am using a Samsung Galaxy Mini. That's a cheap EUR 99 phone. There is a hell of a lot packed in there. I am coming from a BlackBerry Bold 9000 (that wasn't repaired properly by Belgacom - but that will be for later). There is also a lot of Apple kit over here, namely iPads and an iPhone 3GS. So, how does it feel to work with such an Android phone? Pretty well it turns out. But not without glitches either. The multitasking works well and in some senses better than on iOS based devices. And I now understand why Apple didn't allowed multitasking to run wild on their own devices. Memory management is pretty much transparent on iOS and requires constant attention on Android. When memory gets short, everything slows down to a crawl. I didn't had this feeling on iOS. Touch is okay. I don't like the Swype keyboard and thank Samsung to have included their own. When it comes to push mail, it works fairly well