How to identify your top 3 outcomes?

Yes, how to identify them? Let's have a shot.

5 key areas

First of all, let's look at the five key areas of life:
  • financial
  • intellectual
  • physical
  • spiritual
  • relational

Picture yourself at the center of these 5.

At this very moment in your life, are you financially happy, intellectually happy, physically happy, spiritually happy, relationally happy? Do you want more out of one area?

Pick an area of importance to you.

Of enough importance to make you invest time and energy in getting to the next level.
Write it down. Come on, do it, write it down on a scrap of paper.

A basic question

Now, ask yourself this basic question:  
How would I know when I'd reach 'it' in that very area?
  Yes, how would you know? Because without an indicator, you aren't gonna get very real on this one. The more precise you can get on the indicator, the better. Nobody said it couldn't be qualitative by the way. And an outcome doesn't need to be Earth shattering to be a top outcome. Just that it is of enough importance for you to commit to get in motion towards it. For long enough and with enough resolve so that there is a pretty good chance you'll make it. So, now turn your attention to the 'it' bit. Now that you have an indicator, it is much easier to define this 'it' more clearly.

Now write down: 

Top outcome in ..... : ...... I'd know I'll be there when: ... is true...

Reality check

You may well have been rationalizing all the way down. Yes, your mental mind may have done all the work. So, what is your gut telling you now? How do you feel when reading back aloud what you just wrote down? Try it. Repeat. Do you feel excitement?, fear?, butterflies in the belly? If there is nothing, you aren't exactly looking a anything resembling a top outcome.
But if you do, there is something in there!

Rinse and repeat, until you have your three

Pick another area, or the same, it doesn't matter. Do as the spirit moves you. And go through the process again. You just will have to do the reality check at the end until you have your three.

Formulation done!

If you are here without cheating, congratulations. If not, let's wonder why you didn't went through. Stop reading down and go through, will you? Good. Now that you have your list, the first step is set: formulating your top 3 outcomes. Next in line, materializing these outcomes into the world. But that will be for another time! Until then, make sure you get the butterflies in there. --Philippe