Windows Live Writer: useful to blog without a connection

Sometimes, you just can’t write directly to your blog. Maybe you are at a conference and the Wifi is overcrowded and service is patchy. Maybe you have not enough battery to last through the session if you leave Wifi on. Whatever the cause, you’d like to blog off line and put the information on line after the fact.

A text processor would be fine of course. But a dedicated tool is better because it avoids a lot of issues with formats, copy/paste and the like. Especially since it handles images locally as well.

That’s where Windows Live Writer comes into play. As a blog editor, you just have to configure the URL of the blog (self hosted WordPress works!), a login and a password.

30-10-2011 23-55-39

Then, just type and save as a local draft. When ready, upload to the site.

A little tool that can come in handy!