Allowing yourself to enjoy the perks of freedom

People go into a freelance or consulting career and then find themselves locked into a hectic schedule. Escaping the 9 to 5 (and beyond) treadmill to land on a faster and more hectic one really isn't a great thing. I went into solo consulting 11 years ago to be able to bring value to my prospects and clients in the best way possible. Fair compensation And to do so in a way that would compensate me well enough so that I would be able to keep me healthy and with means to invest in my own growth. This in turn would bring additional value to my clients base. Think "return on investment" in a way. You trust me to help you in the best way possible to become more successful and this shows up in my own success as well. That's a sound virtuous circle. You don't want me dropping flat dead out of exhaustion because I am overworking myself too much. You want someone awake and conscious instead of a walking zombie stressed out of his mind. Perks? What perks? Well, you know, things like being able to read a great book leisurely, going to the pool, enjoying a great movie... All of which will help you discussing current events, stay in great physical and mental shape, and being some interesting to be around (which tends to result in more business). But you need to believe you can enjoy them In a culture of performance, you may believe that you must always be up and running, delivering to the max. All right, all right. Until you burn out that is. And believe me, if you do not allow yourself some perks, you'll end up there one day or another. So, ask yourself this question: "What inside my head prevents me for giving me the right to relax?" Until you have an answer to that question, you'll keep on running. Until you drop dead. If you do not care about yourself, who will?