Nobody can predict the future. So: roll up your sleeves and make your own!

Seems you fear failing.

I read somewhere: FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real). Set aside this part of your mind, and get the ball rolling. Overcoming inertia is the #1 ability. Once the ball rolls, everything gets easier. Once you have invested enough, you'll not stop. And your brain will rewire so that this will become a new habit. What is *the* thing that you are focusing on right here, right now? What did you manifest to the world this week? I'd love to this thing happen and become manifest. It's your duty to enable others to work and buy from you! Why are you preventing them to do so for so long? I've someone in the family who acts in that procrastination-heavy way. She is ever preparing, switching domains, etc. Basically, it is about 10 years she does it without getting anywhere. If she would have done one thing in practice for all the time she procrastinated, she would be a millionaire. To be frank, I have stopped listening when she starts explaining by now.

Don't fall victim of the same trap.

I mean: damn, would she ever stop and try things out for real? Check this out: And also: Huh, no, actually, don't do that. Tell us that you've booked the dates, the venue, and started getting bookings for that workshop and teleconference of yours! Or whatever you had in mind since I am no mind reader. I would love to see you succeed!