How to beat resistance at its own game

In a previous post, we have looked at how our own internal resistance is what makes us procrastinate. To beat this foe, we need to put a regimen in place. And make no mistake, the first sale is to ourselves. Until we see tangible benefits from our actions, resistance will always win. So, one key is to avoid shooting for the moon right out of the box. One key to stay sane and achieve is to decide on rules that can be obeyed without problems. As you match those, you can put more rules. The rules muscle will strengthen with time, no problem. For example, let's say that one rule would be: getting a shower and being dressed by 7:00 am every workday. A simple enough rule that is easy to follow, right? Well, when you are working on your own, with nobody looking at you, you may spend the day without anything like that. And feel like crap all day long, reducing your productivity. Full disclosure: been there, done that. Not anymore. Why so? Because of the benefits. The benefits of achieving a much better internal state through creating new things, or achieving goals much earlier in the day, leaving space for other activities. What makes my day is thinking about stuff, tinkering with electronics, and other non-money making activities. By just obeying that simple rule, I've seen my productivity go up, up, up! So, what next? Another easy rule is to eat at regular times. It gives a rythm. It helps in structuring the day. It keeps the energy level correct enough to avoid bad times. These are two basic rules that can help. These are just mine, you'll have to make your own. Until next time, get some rules in place!