Getting things in motion and getting results

One of the hardest parts of business is to get things in motion and obtain results. A lot of people:
  • know what has to be done,
  • how to do it,
  • planned for it,
  • even put budget aside for it,
But nothing happens. Or even worse, budget is spent, time is used, but there are no results to show. Weird isn't it? How comes? Poor leadership? Poor execution? Not really. What then? Inertia The tendency of an non moving object to stay put. Once things are in motion, they tend to stay so. That's inertia as well. Good inertia would I say. So, how to create momentum? Some clues: Instead of trying to attack the most complex thing, start by doing one tiny bit. And another, and yet another. You'll build up confidence. Don't beat yourself up by not having done what you think should have been done. What good will come out of that? Especially once you realize that everything takes twice as much time to do as when you estimated it. Get rest and exercise. Without these, you'll be tired and without energy. Do you think you'll get anywhere by exhausting yourself to death? Band together with a positive supporting group. Attitude is everything for being successful. Walk with a pack of losers, you'll end up the same. Misery loves company, okay? Self control has limits. And those are much lower than you think. One full hour of concentration? That's out of the range of most humans. So, work for 40 minutes, then get a break. Allow for dynamic replanning. Who in his/her right mind would stick to a crazy plan that has no chance of success given the new developements? Adapt. Evolve. Grow. Stop the excuses train. No excuses. No whining. Then you'll face the true enemy. Your own internal resistance. Not anybody else. And that's an never ending uphill battle from there. It is easier when you know it. You know what you are fighting against. Inertia, caused by internal resistance. All of the above clues are to help you fight the battle. You may not call victory every day but it is possible to win a fair amount of encounters. Until next time, Get things in motion! And grab the Audio Version while you are here, it may come in handy when you'll feel stuck.  

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