The Apple user experience is superior to the rest

This may sound like a fanboi-style comment. But it is not. I am used to Windows since Windows 2.0 (yep, I am that old). Coded for it, used it, ran my business on it. I do have a bunch of boxes running Linux as well (started that strain with Yggdrasil Linux on a 486DX66 and 16Megs of RAM - this was version 0.x with patchlevels). And then a while ago, a year or something, I got myself a Macbook Pro with Mac OSX Snow Leopard, iWork, iLife, and Final Cut Express. Some additional software was thrown in for good measure and today I must say that its user experience is superior to other plaforms. Why is it so for me? One big reason: it brought back the fun of using a computer to produce great results. Be it podcasts, movies, writing, and generally hacking this makes me feel reenergized. Windows hasn't that anymore. The only cool thing Microsoft does these days is the XBox360. I am currently working on several Windows boxes, some are for administrative tasks like accounting, proposal writing and so on. Others are for coding, scanning, even some gaming. But there is one desk that sees me more than the others, and this is the desk with the damn Mac. And I am not spending my time aimlessly surfing the web, but actually producing stuff. This evening I had a great session with Keynote. Once I got the grasp of that beast, I got results much more easily than with Powerpoint and with a much higher degree of quality. I can now understand first hand while Apple is topping the capitalizaton charts (today it moved past Microsoft and Intel combined.). They now rule the customer experience and with the iPad2, there are really becoming game changers. In 1996 I was looking inside a NeXT cube. It is now 2011 and NeXTStep is reborn with renewed colors. Since Objective-C is Smalltalk in disguise, I can forget about a lot of crap and jump back into my stream of choice: a powerful language with no fuss and a platform that rocks and is immensely popular! From the user side down to Xcode, life is great!