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How to make innovation real in your organization

Innovation is essential to survival and growth
  • We are sailing through troubled times, competition heats up. And management needs to tell where to go. But is there a clue?
  • Changes are occurring all around. And faster and faster. Adaptability is a mandatory skill.
  • If you do not adapt and thrive, you'll soon be like the dinosaurs: extinct.
  • Innovation, the ability to continuously raise the bar, and pass over it is the key to survival and growth.
Innovation is a process
  • Letting go of perfection is key. Perfection is freezing one down. Are you?
  • Believing in innovation must also be there. Paying lip service isn't going to cut it.
  • Make innovation into a habit since accretion of little innovative things over time goes a long way in making it work. Waiting for the big idea to strike may leave you in the dust before long.
  • Make it sustainable, and not a one shot thing.  Otherwise, it will not stick. And you'll not grok what it is.
Taking innovation seriously is a competitive weapon
  • It keeps you fit.
  • It keeps the crap in check.
  • It keeps people interested and recognized.
  • It makes a great PR engine.
  • It keeps you up to date and in the race.
You need a listening organization to make it happen
  • You need to reduce the power distance.
  • You need to have an experimentation-friendly culture. Failure must be allowed. Otherwise, you'll ossify.
  • You need to be able to iterate rapidly: experiment/fail/move on, and every once in a while: bang! Innovation that works. Nobody's gonna be right the first time, every time. Forget about that.
Take action today
  • What can you do to improve a process right now?
  • What can you do to improve your customer relationship right away?
  • What should you learn to get to the next level?
  • What must be abandoned to recover your ability to innovate?
  • What about turning the knob of innovation 3 or 4 notches further?
Until next time, let's get innovation in motion!

What makes people great at work?

Answering this question even half-decently in your organization may lead to an impressive performance increase. Here is my take on that: The most satisfactory factor is getting results by using one's skills. This is to be compounded by: * recognition for a job well done (especially by knowledgeable peers, and optionally boss) * tackling a challenge that was not too stupid to tackle in the first place ("Flow" anyone?) People aren't cogs in the machine. When considered as such, things go south. Take each of these points and assign them a rating (from -5 [unneeded] up to +5 [critical]) associated to how important you personally feel the criteria is for success. Then do the same but rank how important this appears in your professional environment. The discrepency between both may help you pick some areas ripe for improvement!