Focus is key for achieving. Whatever.

Achievement is generally viewed as a key to a fulfilling life. And it indeed is. Getting something done, be it as mundane as getting the car cleaned, or as grandiose as getting a new rocket sent to Mars usually provides great satisfaction. The ability to apply one's skills and get results is what self esteem is rooted in. But to get these results, one must be able to focus. And our society is a society of distractions. Providing us with distractions is the whole point of complete industries: tourism, shows, TV, Facebook, shopping, you name it. Which is fine for me but at the same time makes focusing on one's true goals much more difficult. So, how can we focus? Ah, big question! Being focused is not the same as being busy. Being focused means that you have a single minded goal in sight and that your energy is fully directed to getting to that goal. Too many goals at once ruin focus and end up in chasing one's own tail. So, get there. Get to that one, single, damn goal. Swear, sweat, toil away if you need to. But get there. Like a laser beam. And from there, pick the next goal. Maybe a good idea is to have the first goal being having a plan for the road ahead. Because without a plan, you'll never achieve any major goal. But don't confuse the plan with the goal because a lot of people are drowning into big plans and achieve nothing. The plan must be serving a higher purpose. And that higher purpose must have metrics (quantitative or qualitative) to know when you get there. Otherwise, how will you know? Don't look for too deep a meaning, just get this done. Meaning will come without needing too deep consideration. It's going to kind of emerge from actions. Think that by reaching those goals, your are making your achievement muscles stronger. Stronger muscles that will allow you to reach for the sky in much less time than you think! Let's check how you fare on these items!  
  1. Put a rating from -5 (not at all) to +5 (absolutely) based on how important an entry is to you.
  2. Do the same based on how well you do it today.
  • I am focusing on single goals
  • I do have a plan for the road ahead
  • I do know the higher purpose I do serve
  • I am using my skills in a satisfactorily way
  • I am able to achieve my goals
  • I am perceived as an achiever by my peers
If you are aligned on both counts, perfect! Otherwise, this may give you clues on where you can get some definite improvement! And remember, this has to do with choice. And when you choose one path, you do renounce others. There is a price to pay for achieving your dreams. A price I think is worth it on all counts. Until next time, go achieve that first chunk of your dream.