Innovation requires stubborness

I was thinking about innovation, and read a bunch of content on that.

Innovation made overcomplicated

I seems endemic that people overcomplicate innovation with process charts, complex things, and overall mess. This ultimately ends up in clouding the issue, making it "special." This blocks innovation from happening. This isn't what I want innovation to be for the rational self interest of my clients. YASFRUM. Yet Another System For Racking Up Money. That's what they all appear to be to me when running them on the delivery side. Who on Earth will have  the time to go through that given today's hectic pace?

Innovation is a critical "Thinking Skill."

And most people brains aren't all that analytic, nor process centered. Think about the difference between "process practicioner" and "process engineer." The practicioner doesn't give a damn about all of the charts. He wants to get results. As far as I can tell, being innovative requires to be largely stubborn in some ways. It requires one to be boneheaded when submitted to the ideas and comments of naysayers, critics, normalizing pressure and other people forecasting doom to the innovative ideas being IMPLEMENTED. Yes, implemented. Implementation is where the meat lies. Getting an idea. Well, yeah, worth .0001 €,$,£. Who cares about that idea? What is of value lies in implementing the idea. And learn through the process. Get real. See how it works with real people, refine, refine, refine again, so that at the end it brings something of tangible value to the table. I guess this is good enough an implementation right now to get some other ideas gravitating around this one.