The innovation dream in Europe #eyif

The innovation dream in Europe: being able to achieve things that have not been done anywhere else in the world. Potential for quantum computing is going to change computing. I would say spintronics but who am I hey! Over qualified people not finding a job up to their talent. Root of the issue? Europe is currently losing ground against competition. There is an emergency here. Innovation affects all of us. To address this: First innovation is not research. Entrepreneurship is not innovation. Innovation is connected to both but is on it's own. Shared risk. Since putting more money down the tubes isn't going to help. Society that supports individuals wanting to take risks. But how? By improving access to innovation. Today: to fuzzy. By providing facilities By enhancing our participation. By removing barriers. We aren't there yet!!,! Think - Do - Change loop. The eyif process looks like a funnel. From idea to help to reality. So, the digital innovation platform is there to help.