On cultural innovation at #eyif for the DIP

Let's have a look at the YIM program. Young innovator mobility. Frankly, we are again exposed to a lot of processes but no fast quick and easy way to get ideas see the light of day. I think that working backwards from the end in mind and get support along the way is vastly superior to any convoluted process. I am big on process but process doesn't help innovation. Trust supports innovation. Unless this is given priority, we are doomed. Not to say deep in trouble and heading down the drain. That's why BigCo do buy startups. Because process killed the innovative spirit. So simple it's almost laughable. Most of the talk is also about them and not us the innovators. Innovators aren't your standard nice and well mannered bunch. So you need to address them their way. I am innovative and All this really gets on my nerves sometimes. Transforming ideas into actions. Yeah. I would love it!