Judith Merkies talk at #eyif

Some soundbites and opinion... Things are never going to be like they were before. No more life long shelter, no more people looking for you. We have accept that we are going to another society. We have accept that there is a duty to play our part as a society and influences on a daily based through social innovation. We are never going to be back to the old ways. You have to innovate in order to participate. Even as a consumer. Prosumer anyone? Eyif could well be a movement supporting this in our European space. SECURITY IS IN YOUR OWN TALENT!!!!! YEEEEEESSSS!!!! +10000000!!!!! SME is not equal to "startup". Geez yeah, I hope so. Knowledge is quite denser at a startup. If only one takeaway: security lies in our own talent. Cool! Merge Einstein and Jobs and keeps that in Europe. Interesting pun on jobs. And I am not really wanting such a cross over. Psychologically speaking, we may end up in dire straits!