iPad2 and information creation

I am typing this on an iPad2 and inside Quickoffice. I am reading a ton of eBooks and given my not so suberb eyesight, I needed something that would support what I am reading. So, let's try this out. Is the iPad a joy to use? Well, it depends. There are a lot of idiosyncrasies in the way things are done. For one, there is no file system so to speak. And no built in productivity application like this one. You have to shell money for the applications, adding €50 or more to have something dece Of course, one could work with Google documents on the system. But this translates into being connected all the time. So, Quickoffice was my choice here. Pages is fine but really not what you need when you use the device for dealing with Office style documents. For presentations, Keynote is nice and I got a copy of it. And you really start to understand what "cloud" means on such a device. Dropbox, Google Documents, and MobileMe all make a lot more sense to use here. I expected a better camera at such a price point and it definitely sucks. A lot of grain. Not a great focus. Reading outdoors is a big no-no. For that a Kindle is the way to go. But even as iPad users are mainly using the device for gaming, that's not what I have in mind for my own use. To be frank, consuming information is great. As long as the information isn't fast food style. One can get addicted to such things as RSS feeds, Twitter streams, Flipbook, and, the ultimate time waster of all: Facebook. Being constantly distracted is a big issue these days. But to achieve anything meaningful one needs to concentrate and produce meaningful results. The iPad helps in producing content for me because it works well in places that are completely unsuited for holding a laptop but perfect for thinking. Try a laptop in a hammock!