Focus. The ultimate power.

Burning Focus

The more I am in my line of business, the more I come to appreciate the power of focus. Focus is the enabler. Focus allows one to get somewhere instead of spending scarce energy and time for no clear outcome. Focus is really what is missing in a lot of places. Including mine when I am not achieving what I want to achieve. When I feel like I am spinning my wheels, it is that I've lost my focus. When focus is laser sharp, there is no issue. Things get done, progress happens, the client condition gets improved. And focus doesn't come only in one size: focus has to be clear from the top strategic positioning down to the task being carried out right now. This means: focus on what business line we are in, focus on what processes are key, focus on what objectives we are after, focus on what technology to learn and use, focus on what systems we put in place, focus on what kind of changes we want to do, and focus on what time and resources we want to spend on achieving our goals. Focus is a harsh master but it is like Zen. You have to get rid of the superfluous baggage to move faster, lighter, and with more confidence, pride, and joy. Given today's social pressure and hectic frenzied society, the only answer that makes sense is to focus on what is our true path. And that's not living the life of someone else because we think that it is what we think we want. We have to listen to our own drummer that calls us. That's the mission, that's what gives focus, that's where the energy comes from. I came to think that I am there to contribute to make better "next ones." Because we are still in the stone age when it comes to communicating well, improvement, walking the talk, and generally getting results that are up to what we can be up to. There is elegance is the mission, this is what feeds my soul when we work together. And it will feed yours too. So, focus is the ultimate power, the ultimate aligner, your harshest master and best friend ever. Cut the crap, drop the useless, harness the load, and get moving. You'll love the feeling!