100 Patrons pour 100 Jobs à Liège – Business Speed Coaching

Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to participate in the 100 Patrons pour 100 Jobs event. I was one of the "Patrons". Well, this translates into "boss", GM, CEO, you name it. Top brass over there, interesting. It was interesting to see people coming at the appointments (some no shows, but more additions than now shows, so my schedule was pretty much packed). Diverse, ranging from 23 year old freshmen, up to 58 old timer. Men and women. Great. The concept is a "Business Speed Coaching" and may lead to hires if there is a match. Given my business model, it was more about finding interesting profiles so that I could route talent to the right targets. Anyway, I asked people some questions, among which: "How would be someone hiring you better off?". I would have thought that people would come up with answers. Which most of them didn't. Wow, most people searching for a job or a career switch do not have a clue about how the company possibly hiring them would be better off with them at their side! People focus on what they can do, as tasks and activities, not how they can contribute to goals (exception: one person was aware, and I think that I'll recommend her to my good friends looking for a real HR (read: talent centered) pro). I kept on asking that and also "What are your key values and strengths?" as well as "Where do you see yourself using these for great results?" Interestingly, most people didn't even looked at themselves that way. Quite a number of them got some lights coming up in their eyes after having gone through the exercise. One was even jumping around in excitation. This was cool. And a good half day for me, and - one's hopes - a good day for the visitors as well. Advice: find your strengths and build from there. Don't care about your limitations, it is not by fighting them that you can win. It is by leveraging your strengths and passion. Some pics with me on it: