Great Change Management and Thrive! Workshops with Alan Weiss in Berlin

On the 12th and 13th of January, I kicked off the year by attending two workshops from Dr Alan Weiss, also known as the Million Dollar Consultant. I've been in his mentoring program for some time and it really transformed they way I do business, not to mention all the positive things associated with that. Helping other people be at their best is one thing, developing oneself is another. So, I took care of that. As the healthy self-esteem motto goes: put your oxygen mask first if you want to help others. So, get help in getting better if you want to make others better. These happened in Berlin, at the Ritz Carlton. There could be a worse venue indeed.

Ritz Carlton Room

As far as accommodation goes, things were premium grade. Especially the bed, which tends to be really bad in a lot of hotels.

Ritz Carlton Room Redux

A great room, a great LCD TV, splendid bathroom, you name it. I picked the 9th floor to be quiet, and god, was it quiet. Super nice. Not to mention the outstanding spa and the awesome 1 hour massage that I treated myself with. What counts in life is living the experience. And a visit at this kind of hotel without a test of the amenities is not really doing it justice. Let's get back to the workshops. These were conducted in a very interactive manner and I learned a lot. The fact that world class consultants attended was also a big plus. We had people from UK, Italy, Denmark, the US, Belgium, and Germany. The networking dimension is really superb and I connected with high grade people, especially in the psychology field, which happens to be so important when it comes to dealing with change. What made the change management workshop of particular importance is that it fitted one my current interventions that is just starting. I do not think that I would have approached it the same way would I have skipped the workshop. Now, I really focus on the future state and works backwards on how to get there. This may be simple, but as consultants we are often called in to help the client get "unstuck" from a locked situation. And Alan's process is really a great way to get results. Back home, I checked on the Process Consulting book and found additional interesting material, especially on "dynamic learning" and on how to use "delivery mechanisms" to get the word through. Getting help from the client people to support the change from day one is also a key takeaway. Observing behavior and letting my own biases aside is also really useful. I did several interviews today and learned a tremendous lot about the persons making up the customer team. They are great people and also are eager to see positive transformations. Sometimes, all they need is a catalyst. Especially a catalyst aiming at raising the bar for improved performance. We also learned about the greatest single loyalty factor and motivation factor ever. But that will be for another time.

A great team of World Class consultants

World Class consultants (from the other side)

The Thrive! workshop was something completely different. Subtitled "stop wishing your life away", it aims at helping developing oneself into an thriving individual. It is indeed hard to help customers achieve excellent results if we do not apply the motto to ourselves. Would you listen to a consultant for success if he wasn't being so himself? I seriously doubt it. So there we had it, delivered by the master, Alan himself. Alan has walked the path, delivered, and inspired a ton of people. He is not throwing around fads and fancy ideas but instead focuses on proven principles and risk taking in very pragmatic ways. One thing is sure, I am not the same after this workshop. I am much more confident in my abilities for success (not too bad before, but now much reinforced). That's indeed a key factor: healthy self-esteem. Which should also be couple with "healthy selfishness," because burning oneself out and not being able to stay up is really a bad idea. What came out is a process to improve our own personal condition and enjoy life. It really was great to be there, especially with similar minded souls. The workshops made tremendous sense together, at last for me. It also gave me my first time face to face meeting with Alan who has influenced and mentored me for quite a while. This is proof that given modern technology, you can get great results no matter where people are in the world. But face to face encounters add an extra dimension, namely that this is real and occurs. Giving oneself the right to attend such an event is also very useful to open one's mind to what is possible working as a lone wolf in the consulting profession. I am sold to the idea! And after such a great time, I packed my stuff, eager to apply what I learned from the master:

Ir Philippe Back and Dr Alan Weiss in Berlin