Drawing on Forms in Morphic with Squeak Smalltalk

I wanted to draw using Forms and Pens in Squeak and have a Morph as a result. So, I ended up with the following code. I have nothing against doing all that with Morphs but this would be a bit too head banging for what I have in mind. So: |im myPen form| form := Form extent: 400@400 depth: Display depth. myPen := Pen newOnForm: form. myPen defaultNib: 4. myPen color: (Color red). myPen north; down. myPen go: 50. im:=SketchMorph withForm: form. im openInWorld. And now, I can do Logo-like drawings 🙂 And for easing one's life, there is the completion (missing in Squeak, but there in Pharo) Installer squeaksource project: 'RoelTyper'; install: 'RoelTyper-FredericPluquet.82'; project: 'OCompletion'; install: 'OcompletionSqueakCompatibility-ul.1'; install: 'Ocompletion-ul.67'.