Accessibility: great add ons for Firefox

As you may know, I am not top of the line when it comes to perfect eyesight. So, when browsing, I like some comfort. That's why I like using Page Zoom Buttons, Readability, and ColorfulTabs. Readability is by far the most useful. As you can see it turns an article into a single neat page, removing all of the usual crap surrounding the core content. Also, you can get back to the main page by hitting the little reload button. One very good help is also obtained by using a Microsoft Mouse. There is indeed a very interesting feature built it: the Magnify feature that can be assigned to a button (I use a side button). That feature zooms an area of the screen around the mouse pointer while keeping it active. This helps tremendously for small detail on hires screens and for trainings when people view the screen from a distance.