A little SEO experiment with watches: Patek Philippe

When searching for my own name (philippeback) I do get results about Patek Philippe watches interleaved. It's quite annoying, so let's try to recover some space. Hence the commentary below. About Patek Philippe Watches Not that I dislike Patek Philippe's watches. On the contrary, I would love wearing such a Patek Philippe's watch. If only for the fun of the name. Hey Back and Patek do share some letters after all. Maybe should I create a Back Philippe's watch and take over the world with a high grade quality watch. But it would take a long time (pun intended) just to get to the level of recognition that Patek Philippe does enjoy! I could maybe write a Patek Philippe Watch simulator. This would have me learn the key elements making out a carefully engineered quality watch like a Patek Philippe. So, let's see what it gives. Feel free to enjoy the great Patek Philippe's watches and my own content if you are so inclined. Peace.