How I revamped my Windows XP with ObjectDock 2.0 #noclutter

I've been working with a MacBookPro for a while now. I use it for editing videos (FinalCut Express), sorting out photos and having fun with Ableton Live. In turn, I got used to the dock, which at first I found a pain to use. Not anymore so. This lead me to search for alternatives on XP. No Win7 here yet, too much software running on the boxes (well, some VMs run it but not the core machines). I came across ObjectDock from StarDock Software. They just release v2.0 and it is really a nice upgrade. It behaves more like the MacOSX dock. Here is my current desktop. No more clutter, no more icons on the desktop. And as an added benefit: full screen estate when working on material. Should I need the taskbar, it is just one click away. And the dock itself recesses from view, leaving a pristing desktop. I used to have a ton of shortcuts all over the place, but this just invites to procrastinating a bit too much. So, away they go.

My Desktop