La linea: always loved this!

We have super high tech 3D. But look at what can be done with a simple line!

View from my office

Isn'it cool to do tech while surrounded by nature? It really gives a sense of balance. What about these little tips:
  1. Have a daily walk for clarity of mind
  2. Rise early and watch the sun
  3. Have fun with pets and think about them during difficult meetings
  4. Walk barefoot in the grass every now and then, it will make you feel connected
  5. And no, don't hug trees! Well, not with a suit anyway.

Blackberry Memory

I got interested on how the BlackBerry memory behaves. Albeit being advertised as a system on which you can add applications, it feels a bit small for my tastes. The model I do have is a Bold9000. In the new models, the memory for internal applications will raise to 256 MB, making it the same as the iPhone. This will open new possibilties.

Blackberry Memory Overview

This diagram outlines the structure of the memory of a Blackberry Bold 9000.

Blackberry Memory Overview

The most limiting factor is the Internal Applications area where 128 MB size severely limits what you can have as apps. Having removed all games on the machine, I have Documents To Go Premium, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and WordPress as well as DropBox, Amazon Kindle, Documents to Go Files, PDF To Go, Google Maps and Gmail. This leaves about 20 MB available on the device f as operating memory for the applications. It would be great to be able to switch applications back and forth to the Internal storage or the external media card. I don't know of an application to do this and to this time need to use the Desktop Manager. Still, this is way enough for productive work and on-line life. I had to remove the online radio application since it was taking too much.

Blackberry Memory

The memory is composed of several parts. External Media Card As internal storage, Just larger. Internal Applications Stores application modules (.cod) and serves as the RAM. Internal Storage Stores localfiles, photos, movies, recordings... Hope it helped clarifying why we are always short of RAM on that box. And sometimes, the battery removal maneuver helps for clearing that damn RAM.

How to enhance your day: quick tips

Here are ten tips that will for sure enhance your day:
  1. Stop worrying. Nothing is worth the price of worry. Worrying is just another excuse for not taking action. Do something to move towards your objective. You'll notice that you cannot do something and be worried at the same time. If worry is pathological, seek professional help.
  2. Learn when enough is enough. Both on the positive and the negative sides. Keep balance.
  3. Understand when to say yes and when to say no. You are not here to please everybody.
  4. Keep in mind that you have a limited amount of energy available. Live to fight another day and get enough rest.
  5. Avoid the company of time vampires that suck your life away through mindless chitchat and inane requests.
  6. Take care of your diet. Crap in means foggy thoughts. Look out for too much sugar. Get a bloodtest now and then to know about your current meatware.
  7. Develop the daily walk habit. Do it with your significant other whenever possible. It fosters communication and keeps you fit.
  8. Dress a little bit better than you do usually and enjoy the feeling. Dressing like crap makes you feel like crap. While you are at it, get rid of those old clothes in the closet.
  9. Educate yourself on the go. Listen to audiobooks in the car, read books. It will make you more interesting to other people when there is a discussion a subject you know.
  10. Stop spending so much time on distractions like Facebook, TV, the web, and video games. Get your dream project started.
Until next time, enjoy the ride!

Great insights by Dave Thomas

Firefox 4 will bring new Audio API to the browser: great!

Check this out. This remembers me of my demomaking days. Are we going to see a demoscene using JavaScript and Canvas3D? I'll give it a shot for sure! Hardware acceleration will be Windows only for the time being.