Meeting Rage and Room Scarcity

CC by lumaxart

The problem

I noticed a tendency that started last year (somewhat associated with the 'crisis'): companies reducing their space leases in building and thus ending up cramming more people in less space. There is also one other consequence: there are much less meeting rooms. This is done in the name or cost reduction. All well and good until one realizes that these missing rooms are causing huge delays in meeting with people.

The obvious solution

I am a big fan of IM and videoconference and screen sharing but some places seem to be seeing this as a big no no. Of course, these are the places where there is a huge lack of meeting rooms. Go figure.

The (huge) cost of short term vision

Being myopic like that on the side of the bean counters costs a lot more than it saves when you put the numbers together. You can always make another Euro/Dollar/Yen but you cannot make another minute. Once gone, it is gone forever. And that usually means that there is a huge cost of lost opportunity at these places!