Blackberry Presenter: road warrior presentations made easy

No more need to drag a laptop behind when it comes to presenting. This littlz gizmo will just do the job. It is compatible with my Bold, happy me! I am just curious if the application for running the show is not swallowing too much of the oh-so-tiny memory space on the device. I can't figure out why the hell RIM didn't managed to cram 1GB of RAM in there. I don't care about price, I care about ease of use. And that little RAM is driving me mad. An iPhone has 32GB damn it!
Blackberry Presenter

Blackberry Presenter

Here are more views of the beast:


More to see on the Blackberry site.

iSlate: Get some insights in this nice video

Got this video giving some clues. I would love having this tactile feedback I miss so much with all of these touch screens. The BlackBerry storm got it wrong, so what about the iSlate? Some more insights on the iSlate: Yet another iSlate insight: I hope the wait is over soon, so that I get my sticky fingers on one of these devices!

Duffy Live – Superb!

Get some of my drug:

Ma théorie sur les composants réutilisables

J'ai retrouvé ce MP3 avec ma théorie sur l'organisation des composants au sein d'une entreprise qui traite de projets et d'opérations de maintenance. Ceci revient au goût du jour pour moi car le challenge se représente.  

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