How did 2009 looked like from your perspective?

As 2009 comes to an end, it is now a good time to reflect on our objectives, and our progress towards them. If not now, when? I just turned 40 on Dec 22 last week. It is amazing how fast time flies by! 40 years already? You’ve got to be kidding me! It appears that 40 is some kind of turning point. Well, if it is something, it is a massive kick in the assets to move forward in a big way to achieve dreams. This in turn makes me want to reflect on my current status. What about you? Want to reflect on your current status? Just use the 3 following questions for helping you getting a view of yourself: 1. Are you clear on what you want? Do you know what your outcomes are? 2. Do you find inspiration or desperation at the end of the year? 3. Are you better off than last year? Moving forward into 2010, let’s have a look at what makes people succeed. Even with the crisis (and unfolding recovery), some people succeeded, and did so big time. First, rememer that power is the ability to act. Feeling powerless is a sure sign that someone or something is holding you back. Ususally, there is a fear somewhere. Do not let that stall you. Just do a first step, then another one, and so on. Soon you’ll have covered kilometers without realizing it! Next, please consider that in order to reach success, you have to work on multiple perspectives: 1. Health 2. Relationships 3. Wealth There are the ones I have for me, this can be different for you (For almost dying in 2006, I’ve got to tell you that all other perspectives are depending on this one in my view). So, to get results, you neeed to learn how things do work in these domains. Do your research. But also realize that knowledge in itself is only potential power. You need to act, act consistently, act over time. And there, repetition is the mother of skill. So, you'll have to apply and refine on a consistent basis. Commit to this routine. Routine is your friend. As I read two days ago: professionals do not have moods. Happy, sad, or angry? No matter what, get this item in your action list done. This is where discipline is going to help you, help you grow, help you achieve. I am quite a moody person. But when it comes to achieving, I better have to be able to let that aside and get things done. Case in point: my newsletter with which I want to keep in touch with you, while at the same time providing you with value that can improve your way of working. It is not happening magically. I have read my share on how newsletters do work, but the real test is to create it, face the blank sheet situation, deal with the addresses and the like. The fun thing is that by doing it, I never learned more than I ever could by reading about it. Is it hard to come up with. You bet! But putting these toughts on paper is really helping in seeing what’s important, adding one more issue to the list, so that I can refer people to the content when it makes sense for them do access it. So whenever you can turn your intellectual capital in some kind of property (intellectual or otherwise), just go for it. So, for 2010, get yourself working on one thing that is key for you. Do it consistently and reap the rewards by commiting and following through. You may well face a breaktrough sooner than later! Looking back at 2009 and forward to 2010, get yourself in a better shape! You are at the center of our on universe and by changing yourself, waves of change will ripple around! Thinking about it, nothing precludes you from creating a positive tsunami!