Get some inspiration from Steve Ballmer from Microsoft

Steve Ballmer: energy the way I like it! Get Microsoft Silverlight Here are some takeaways:

Takeaway #1: Care about the customer that we are here to serve

Care about only one opinion: the customer's opinion since the point is to delight the customers that we are here to serve. It's all about the customers. In my case: how are you better off when you work with me? That's what I care about. Not pushing a product down your throat, but having you experience the dramatic results you can get. That's true, I do not care about competition, I care about you and providing value.

Takeaway #2: Having patience and being tenacious is key to success

No comment, that very, very, ... very true! Resilience. You get kicked down, get up. You get kicked down, get UP! Damn it!

Takeaway #3: About free: it's not magic, it's just another price

This one is great! I am also thinking that in free software, free is free as long as your time is worthless. As soon as you invest your time (which is the scarcest resource in the world, not money, not other 'things'), this is not free anymore. As Steve Ballmer says: "It's all about value, not price." That's the way to go! Of course, "you've got to convince them that it's worth buy the product." I tried Linux on my laptop for months and I am back to Windows with ZERO intent to go back. For servers, it's great but as a mobile system, come on!

Takeaway #4: Discipline, discipline, discipline!

Almost all incredibly successful people I know about, or work with for that matter, have a strong, iron-style discipline. Steve Ballmer mentions that he has a time budget. He manages it in Excel, like: Time for travel: X nights a year Time w/employees: Z days ... When used: check, check, check! I have also switched away from complex schemes to manage time. The budget is my calendar in the Filofax. Holidays are planned in advance (this means MONTHS) and are SACROSANCT. As Steve Ballmer says: "You've got to be disciplined." When Steve Ballmer and Alan Weiss tell me: "You've got to be disciplined for success", I LISTEN. This makes a hell out of a difference.

Takeaway #5: Find something that just switches you on

To live a fulfilling life, you've got to find something that:
  1. you are PASSIONATE about
  2. you CARE about
  3. you can BE ACTIVATED when doing it
  4. ENERGIZES you
This is key to living the most FULFILLING life you can EVER experience.