Widgets, iNove and WordPress: widget reorganization

I wanted to change a widget from a widget bar to another since I mistakenly put a lot of widgets into the wrong bar (east, instead of south). There was no obvious option to do so from the UI, so I launched phpMyAdmin, looked around for widget configuration and found that:
  1. all config lives in the wp_options table
  2. you have to search around to find that the wp_options table has a row where the option_name is "sidebars_widgets"
  3. the value is coded as a serialized array
So, the trick is to perform an update like:
UPDATE `web_wrdp`.`wp_options` 
SET `option_value` = 'a:5:{s:9:"sidebar-1";a:0:{}s:9:"
WHERE CONVERT(`wp_options`.`option_name` USING utf8) = 'sidebars_widgets' LIMIT 1
and change the sidebar-4 into sidebar-2, and sidebar-2 into sidebar-4 to switch the content of the sidebars. And it works!