@echarles show the web map. Customized mashed up thing: cool

Your location on a map and mashup in action with Nearyoo.

Check it out on http://near.st

Mobile Monday starts in >Mons

Launching screen of the Mobile Monday!

Eric Charles and Philippe Back at the Mic

After meeting online, @echarles and @philippeback meet F2F.

Fun thing is they made their studies at the same school 15 years ago.

Come out and play with La Mosca’s Location Based Games

Nearyoo presented its app but heck, no live demo! La Mosca's' mobile location based games. Sounds cool. No more gaming from your coach: get outside for added fun. GPS phone, your position on a map, opponents:: W00t! Scores, timing, next event, and virtual object: cow boys and indians meet killer meets steroids and LSD 🙂 Love it. Next time in Paris, I ll try Le Louvre game! Multiplayer and helps getting some exercise! Better than a Wiifit 🙂 But watch your step since real cars may crush you while you watch your screen. Distance line for knowing how close cops are from your rear end. Radio-jammer, bulletproof jacket, shooting range, mines:: I want to play this. Any map of the Microsoft Innovation Center to play on? Let s' have a feel on a game. You can review game recordings. Available games Codecrackers Citytracks Treasure of the monk Eco planet The managers How to play? Rent the device. Booooh. Bad luck. Group price of €150 I am depressed now since I cannot play on my own with my own friends. Anyhow, terrific concept. Great job La Mosca: you rule! There is a shop in Leuven, gotta go!

First segment of #momobxl at >mic

Mobile Monday session in Brussels #momobxl I am now attending the session. So far so good: great food, drinks, and people. David Lovera demoed his mobile 3D app on his iPhone to a small group. Interestingly the drink allowed me to connect back to people I met over time from lots of spaces: advertisers, ad managers, developers, mobile phone companies guys.   All of this is making me think of serendipity at work 🙂 The session is now active but the prez is quite droning. Ah, a new speaker that may be more exciting. Stay tuned.