Corporate Calcification

As an organization grows there appears to be more and more bone building up. Well, bones do provide for rigidity and structure - which is needed - but in todays marketplace, I do think that we need more muscle and flexibility than bone. Not to say that layoffs have to take place but instead that departments that act as very rigid bodies should be turned into dynamic, proactive, and possibly athletic ones. What happens in the marketplace today has been akin to trauma to lots of organizations and people. We must face it, flexibility is a must have for thriving and taking advantage of new trends. But the shift is painful. One must let old beliefs go in order to make space for new ones so that a new reality can manifest itself. For example I started outsourcing like crazy one year ago and this required me to learn a whole lot of new behaviors. Like knowing wher to put my trust for example. Like managing my time much better. Like managing cashflow. Like putting in place tooling for dealing with remote teams. Like conducting virtual meetings properly. And the list goes on and on. There is no way out of misery if the mindset is on being "entitled" to something. The welfare state ideal may just be that now: an ideal. This is not a problem per se but requires one to understand that an ideal is by definition unreachable. A good ideal (or vision) must effect a pull on people so that they focus their energies to come closer to it. So, better take an ideal that will make one a better person. Entitlement is really a calcification-generating word. How can any pride and renewed energy come out of that? It makes me feel like I would 'drone' throug life with such a mindset. There is no autonomy in entitlement. It is just like ones mother is taking care of him/her as a baby but ones is 40 years old. As Erich Fromm says, there is a point that once crossed will keep you in eternal dependency and its associated frustration. I am not for an all-meritocracy style thing either but a healthy mix of 10% bone and 80% muscle does fit in my opinion. And 10% extra for some brains... Success being 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration, this would be way enough! Is your organization becoming a fossilized dinosaur?