Come out and play with La Mosca’s Location Based Games

Nearyoo presented its app but heck, no live demo! La Mosca's' mobile location based games. Sounds cool. No more gaming from your coach: get outside for added fun. GPS phone, your position on a map, opponents:: W00t! Scores, timing, next event, and virtual object: cow boys and indians meet killer meets steroids and LSD 🙂 Love it. Next time in Paris, I ll try Le Louvre game! Multiplayer and helps getting some exercise! Better than a Wiifit 🙂 But watch your step since real cars may crush you while you watch your screen. Distance line for knowing how close cops are from your rear end. Radio-jammer, bulletproof jacket, shooting range, mines:: I want to play this. Any map of the Microsoft Innovation Center to play on? Let s' have a feel on a game. You can review game recordings. Available games Codecrackers Citytracks Treasure of the monk Eco planet The managers How to play? Rent the device. Booooh. Bad luck. Group price of €150 I am depressed now since I cannot play on my own with my own friends. Anyhow, terrific concept. Great job La Mosca: you rule! There is a shop in Leuven, gotta go!