Visit at Sun booth: I got a very impressive OpenSolaris demo

I landed with my bag at the Sun booth. Good for me: I met a guy called Kris (who happened to wear the Sun T-Shirt but is not an employee. Nevertheless, he had the smarts and experience to make a very compelling case for OpenSolaris). I was interested in Zfs and Dtrace, to see how they would help in supporting TikiWik high perfromance and high availability  and/or Metachannel (startup where I am the CTO). The demo was very impressive: creating a filesystem with mirrors, spares, snapshots, cloning and getting back in time is a breeze. For large amounts of content that you have to stream on the web, this is really cool. Also very nice is the possibility to create a copy of the fs (with only using more disk space when doing writes) at a point in time. For our analytics reporting, that's a terrific feature Then I got an explanation of what zones are and how QoS can be enforced with these. We then moved into DTrace, which was my initial question. The demo was cool and it showed me an actual case where people whould use the D language (DTrace configs are using D). OpenSolaris can get fitted with the Sun WebStack and Netbeans 6 (with a special plugin for DTrace). This means: Apache, PHP and MySQL can be traced efficiently and easily and all that can be done from the IDE (since NetBeans 6.x allows you to edit your PHP and MySQL code and also access your db server tables from a single environment). Worth of mentioning: the ability of OpenSolaris to run on a lot more laptops. On that front, I asked about the suspend and hibernate features, a thing that has plagued Linux for too long already. Well it worked like a charm on the Dell box of Kris. I happen to have a lot of Dells so I'll give it a shot. Also cool was the ability to mount zfs as a iscsi thingy. Well, these guys are just light years ahead when it comes to administration of a system. Kris also touched on ifs and how it worked with Grub for installing new packages and rolling back if not nice.