Lightning Talk: EzFind

Now it's time for a bit of search. A key selling point appears to be the tuneable relevancy ranking.
  • boosting on geo-spatial
  • boosing on more recent content (news)
  • elevate pages when keyword density high enough
Lots of filtering & sorting Then we are presented with the interesting concept of facets (drill down on query results in a tree structure -> very fast navigation to results you want). Automatic related content: the "more like this" link (like on the BBC site)
  • using heuristics in the background (all this based on Solr features)
Spell checking (like Google does when we type bad stuff) Semantic search on multilingual content Stemming support Normalization of latin 1 characters Possible indexing of external content But now, the talk is drifting into telling us what Solr does and not ezFind. Solr is interesting though. Now, drifting into Java capabilities. Well one engine can index 10M to 100M objects (but stick tons of RAM in the box). Clustering is built in but Solr doesn't needs that most of the time.